Residential Painting

We at Classic Look Painting have been painting homes for 15 years. During that time we have built the reputation as the area's top residential painting company. Our customers call us back because they know to expect painters who are considerate and professional and whose attention to detail is second to none. When going into any painting project, large or small, communication, cooperation, and clarity should always be expected from your contractor. You will find the staff at Classic Look Painting to be friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Details and concerns are always addressed prior to starting your project and we report our progress and work with you to be sure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Here is an example of an average outside painting job and how Classic Look Painting treats every aspect of the job:

First we power wash the entire home, removing anything from the house that will be in the way of painting. A solution will be sprayed to remove any mold and mildew and the house will be washed down.

Next any peeling paint will be thoroughly sanded smooth and an oil-based primer will be applied to any bare wood to seal and protect the siding. Any rotting wood is replaced and any gaps in the woodwork are filled with paintable caulking to insure water stays out.

Following all the prep work, two coats of latex stain or paint will be applied to the all the siding and trim. Careful attention is paid to keep paint off your plants, sidewalks and grassy surfaces. The end product is a clean, freshly painted house that is sure to boost your home's curb appeal!

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